Saying farewell to Rainbow FM.

I have made the decision to leave Rainbow -must admit I did enjoy it-but more recently with new Management- it has become a very unpleasant place to be! I have experienced Bullying/Sabotage/Rudeness/and the people responsible seem to be totally immune to any consequences for their disgusting behaviour! So as a Volunteer it is just not worth the angst. Once it ceases to be enjoyable and fun -lets face it I cannot abide fools!   So I have quit. However the exciting news is - as we knew this was coming?  I have had planned for a while now- we are cranking up our very own Internet Radio- Bony Mountain Radio! we are in the process now & we hope to have it happening next week! end of July. But it will be a while before we start streaming 24/7 . Already several mates have offered to do a show- and I'm sure it will be a very unique Radio Station once we get up & running! So watch out for that !  Here are some happy Sunflowers!

Our favourite band at Bony Mountain the fabulous Murphy's Pigs! onstage with Piglets !


Love this photo of our hero "Captain Jack" and his mottley crew! mostly Bony Mountain kids and Katlyn is a ring in, but who cares! some painted faces here too.

I WAS SO THRILLED TO GIVE-MURPHY'S PIGS OUR BONY MOUNTAIN "LEGEND AWARD" we love having them at Bony Mountain! John was a bit flabergasted! he had not a clue about this award!

OUR MAGNIFICENT DANCING PIRATES! AND CAPTAIN JACK. The Cape Byron dancers and Molly, an Internationally acclaimed world class Dancer! We are honored to feature them here every year!