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Website 19. Jul, 2020

Sophia Fletcher

Hello Bony Mountain Festival Team,

I would love to apply as a musician for your awesome festival.

Looking forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience.

Yours SIncerely

Sophia Fletcher

25. Jun, 2020

The Fox Jones Experiment

The Fox Jones Experiment are a female duo based in Southern Gold Coast. They have performed at Buskers on the Creek and a variety of small festivals and markets.

These ladies love to have fun, their dynamic approach and different arrangements to country and folk will have you toe tapping and smiling.

18. Jun, 2020

Allyson Fox and James Golfun

We are Grand Parade a country bluesy rock and folk mix of songs from 70s through to current day.

We live in Tallebudgera SE QLD and have worked both as a duo and in our separate careers for over 20 years.

James has many country blues original songs and has worked in the both the Northern NSW and Sydney pub scenes.

Allyson has played in bands in Sydney Alice Springs and cruise ships. Together their songs are fun loving and audience involved.

Website 10. Feb, 2020

Heywood & Moore (acoustic)

The music of Anglo-Australian artists - Dawn Moore and Brian Heywood - combines the story telling of traditional country with the power of their tight vocal harmonies and edgy acoustic guitar style.

Heywood and Moore have been making quite a splash over the last couple of years with three singles in the Top 40 Australian Country Tracks chart (Turn the key, Walkin’ after midnight and Headin’ home for Christmas) and a well received album (Goodbye Yesterday)
under their belts.

The songs tap into the rich mother lode of traditional country roots storytelling while still bringing their upbeat outlook on life with a catchy, contemporary sound.

Website 8. Feb, 2020

Olivia Jeffery

Olivia Ruth are fast becoming the name on South East Queensland music lover's lips. Based on the Sunshine Coast, Olivia Ruth are a musical force to be reckoned with. Their distinctive rock-infused sound is a product of Olivia’s dynamic vocals, impressively-crafted
original songs, and a tight and solid group of artists who are passionate about their music. Their gigs showcase a range of musical styles, from gentle acoustic-driven folk/country ballads and funky blues-inspired songs through to powerful rock-solid anthems.
The bold vocals of Olivia Jeffery, smooth bass line of Doug Goobanko, catchy riffs of Jethro Jackson and lively drums by Tim Weire, will leave you with goose bumps on your ears. Olivia Ruth pride themselves on bringing back the art of storytelling. Together
with sassy poetic lyrics they express raw and unadulterated emotion, bringing you music that will have you laughing, crying and dancing. Be surprised, be captivated, be moved and let Olivia Ruth rock you.

7. Feb, 2020


The Avalon swing performers live and play amongst the gyspy swing musicians of South East Queensland. There, that musical world is filled with entrancing melodies. Take heed as Avalon Swing pass themselves off as Gentry and have been known to say "We are
an art deco inspired celebration of acoustic swing music. We bring a bit of Gatsby, a sprinkle of french cafe and a dash of bohemian gypsy"

Although known to perform instrumental guitar pieces from Django Reinhardt’s 1939 play list, the American songbook, and the great standards from the swing dance era caution should be exercised at all time around these musicians as it's all a front to lift the
your spirit, while distracting with a brilliant vibe.

Avalon Swing hold true to the old gyspy values of ………. be a master of Impeccable swing.

Quietly but quickly pass the warning .......... The Gyspies will arrive Avalon Swing are coming.

Website 9. Jan, 2020

Mark Egan

Hi there, August River Band would love the opportunity to play at your festival! Please check us out at

Website 30. Dec, 2019

Helen Townsend

Hi! We were interested in applying for your 2020 festival. Are applications still open? We are available as a Duo or potentially the full band. We are based in WA and would love to be part of what you are doing. We are playing Nannup Music Festival in
WA this year but often head over east. Would love to hear from you!