Everyone is worried about this Virus- but we are not cancelling Bony Mountain under any circumstances. Unless we are shut down ! We have quite a few already booked in - (March) and I realise a lot of people plan their year around our Festival. So rest assured Bony Mountain will go ahead -unless rules and regulations do not allow us.  I myself am confident it will have run its course well & truly before then!  After all it is 6 months away! 

Take care - stay well- see you in September and we can finally Celebrate -I know a lot of you have Birthdays then - so we can celebrate those as well as the rain! 

MORETON FIDDLE CLUB- featuring great music-dance-fiddling & all shades of tartan. on all weekend !


    Our crowds are legendary-without their support every year- last year-2019-in the middle of a shocking drought- our dam was dry-dry dusty conditions-water restrictions- our crowd still came-we are so grateful to each & everyone!

  • Bony Mountain Sunsets

    Sunset at Bony Mountain! always a show in itself! but now the drought is over for us- green, green so much grass-a lot of mowing now- but I love mowing- and its like someone waved a magic wand! the paddocks have come back -better than ever!

  • Norma onstage- the Songwriter!

    Tune into Bony Mountain Radio- Monday & Thursday mornings from 8AM- catch Norma's Radio show. Don Maher- Dianne Lindsay- an Internet Radio at Bony Mountain- to support Bony Mountain Festival. click on the links! join us


Mick Angeles -is a great Teacher- missed his calling I reckon- starts off with raw recruits every year- and transforms them into a Ukulele Band by Sunday!  for their big stage debut!  These lessons all week are free- don't worry if you do not have a Ukulele- some are provided- ! BLAZER Local Rural Fire Brigade mascot- always popular with the kids & Little Squirt Fire Brigade mini truck- comes every year!  


Our dates for 2020- now- SEPTEMBER -18-19-20 - Conratulations to our Early Bird winners!  CHERYL BEMROSE-  VICKI & GREG STARK- LORETTA HUGHES  and we already have people Booking in- so Bookings are open- don't miss out on your favorite Camp?  We already have our main acts booked for 2020- . Bigger & better but also greener- and wetter!  hopefully. I sang my rain song on Sunday night- so it always works! After this weekend gone! I feel like it is all worthwhile!  what a wonderful week-and the music was so special ! with world class Bands- Performers-Dancers- how blessed we are to be able to soak up so much talent in one weekend!  If you missed it- well I am sorry- but if you were here with us!  thank you all once again for being part of the Bony Mountain family!  some Highlights coming & a new Volunteers page going up -so we invite any Volunteers to check in - sign up- and you can choose when you want to come ! all details on Volunteer page.  ALL PHOTO'S (Manfred Vijars) you can purchase copies if you wish! 

Luv Norma XXX  


Norma's new Celtic album- Bloodlines-  go to www.normaoharamurphy.net  Our Master Soundman-Steve-Passfield -who happens to sing/play perform! 

  • Combined Wheatvale - Warwick Schools Choir.

    Always a favourite with our crowd- to see these kids get up & do their thing. Hats off to Jayne -their dedicated Teacher.

  • Part of our crowd- great weather-

    After all our beautiful rain-we have a sea of green- we have been mowing continuously trying to stay ahead of the grass- one extreme to the other!

  • A few bush hats here!

    Very popular -our Poets Breaky- with Gary Fogarty- and Errol Gray giving you all a good laugh to kick off the day.

Another Page in Norma's career

The launch of Norma's new Celtic album (Bloodlines) -featuring a world class cast & crew. Two of Irelands best players- on Pipe & Whistle. Australia's very best Accordion- Gary Steele- featuring on  Grand Piano- on (Titanic) - also featuring Murphy's Pigs- on vocal chorus - Pixie Jenkins- on Fiddle & some wonderful new O'Hara Murphy- originals!  This will be album number 15 for Norma & as always a much anticipated Production from one of Australias finest. Inspired overall by Norma's early family History and Ancestry going back over 600 years! So it will be an exciting journey? Featured are three absolute classics- Loch Lomond- Galway Bay & Patriot Games. Recorded on Pixieland Mobile studio- with Maestro Pixie Engineering/Producing/Playing & the album is no less than a Masterpiece! Also Showcasing Norma's Songwriting-Producing and reminding us how talented and gifted this veteran truly is.   The album will be available first at Bony Mountain! during the Festival- so get your autographed copy-due for release world wide soon. through WJO/Checked Label .Available online  on Norma's web site- www.normaoharamurphy.net  now!