RUNAWAY DIXIE will be hot from their trip to the USA ! They are one of Australia's most popular touring bands and range from one side of Australia to the other! They'll be here for your pleasure
all over the weekend! Featuring bluegrass/Gospel and some great picking!


PLanning a fabulous program for this year! A ukulele Fest/Bush Balladeers/Bluegrass and as usual a few exciting new things, to please you all!  Our bush breakies with Gary Fogarty & Errol Gray are very popular & it's a great way to start each day. Joining them this year will be Manfred De Jars, Manfred a Gold Guitar Winner & prolific poet. Manfred will also assist Gary with MC duties over the weekend!  Also working on getting a real (country kitchen) happening featuring stews/roast beef/hot food! We are planning our Hall Of Fame this year building will start on that when we get into the cooler months!


OUR FAIRY CAVE (full of magic)

Our magical Fairy Cave will delight our little ones this year!

Gold Guitar Winners at Bony Mountain!

This is not the B all and end all of course but we will have several Gold Guitar winners for 2017. Norma is a 5 time Gold Guitar winner herself. Jeff Brown and Keith Jamieson are winners as well & Manfred Ve Jars won his first Gold Guitar in 2016. Our fabulous Warwick Pipe Thistle band will feature again this year on the night show on Sat night! Performing some old traditional Scottish/Irish songs with Norma once again ! Some of the Brisbane Ukulele Club members will join us this year more details soon. Also our marvelous Celtic dancers ! best Busker will perform on Sunday evening show! Our wonderful Bluegrass Boyz from Redland Bay will perform all over the weekend! also The Coads will be our feature band for the Festival. On Sunday morning the traditional Sunday Gospel/Bluegrass show with (Runaway Dixie)  for your entertainment! It is as usual a jam packed program you will not want to miss!  

Winners of the Bony Mountain Legend Award (The Coads) in 2014, back again for 2017

Peter Coad an award winning Bush Balladeer & Songwriter! a real family affair.   

Your favourite bunch of Bluegrass/Bush Band larrikins! Redland Bluegrass Boyz back for 2017.


Some of our best  (Bush Balladeers) Gold Guitar winners with Jeff Brown-Keith Jamieson- and several of Norma's songs that won Gold Guitars for Bush Ballads were songs recorded by the Master himself,  Slim Dusty. Some of our best story tellers & bush poets who spin some great yarns! Brownie was a finalist with his new album Wanderin' Man and also with the duet with Anne Kirkpatrick with (Orchid Street) I feature all of these on my Radio Show on Mondays at 9am. Along with many more great artists,  tune in   www.rainbowfm.org

You can get your autographed copies off the artists at Bony Mountain !

BACK TO THE BUSH our theme for 2017

We will feature every day our Bush Balladeers, all over the weekend. This bloke John Smith, & his lovely wife Christine, will return with a brand new album! As will Jeff Brown -present his new album an award winner! Norma will perform some of the songs she wrote for Slim Dusty!  Two were Gold Guitar winners & Norma will pay tribute to (Slim) with these songs. Alisha will give us some great guitar picking! Jammo will present some of his award winning songs.

PIRATES & TREASURE -Ho Ho me hearties!

A Bony Mountain tradition now & an absolute must with all the kids, is Captain Jack & the Pirate Cave. Pretty rare for a family to be able to come along & enjoy the Festival while the kids are all entertained with free activities, games, a Treasure Hunt, in fact finding the treasure a highlight for the little ones. Also there is a whisper we will even have a Fairy Cave, this year! with twinkling stars, fairies, and lots of magic for the little ones! For any families who want to attend as Day Trippers it is $20 for adults, all School age kids are FREE! 

Camping details & all you need to know on our flyer, newsletters all go out this week, so if you are on our mailing list you'll recieve one soon.

Our fabulous Cape Byron Dancers doing their pirate moves!


You all enjoyed this bloke , a great talent & really gets the crowd going!His song (the ovine waltz) already considered a classic! Brian returns for 2017!