BONY MOUNTAIN RADIO-OUR ARTISTS FOR 2019- we will be featuring our artists & promoting Bony Mountain Festival because that is what BMRadio is all about. Promoting good Aussie music- promoting our Little Festival in the Bush- and introducing our listeners to all the wonderful talent out there! you won't hear a lot of this music anywhere else! Main stream Radio only play what their told- most Radio Stations are under the thumb- and are very restricted in what they play. But we are not- and I'm sure you will appreciate hearing a lot of this new music- as well as old music. So many classic songs out there- all that traditional music- not only Balladeers-but Poetry- Songwriters- great Celtic music & so much more! If you wanna hear your favorite stuff- contact Phil on- 0490 106 737 - he has an incredible Library-and if he does not have it- he'll find it!  Here is a gallery of our artists- past & present since we started in 2011- and our Presenters- who will enjoy presenting their Programs.