A fabulous momento-just like being here!

A fabulous DVD experiencing Australia's (Little Festival in the Bush)  nearly two hours! Australia's best- real Aussie artists-captured here on this wonderful DVD. AUSTRALIA'S TOP CELTIC BAND- MURPHY'S PIGS- CHAD MORGAN- CAPE BYRON DANCERS- NORMA O'HARA MURPHY-JEFF BROWN- BRIAN LETTON-KEITH JAMIESON & much more! filmed in 2015- a timeless collectors item. Chad Morgan-our very own Shiek of Scrubby Creek- an Aussie legend- Murphy's Pigs-an exciting ten piece Band who really make us proud of our wonderful ancesrty-our Celtic roots. Also a taste of our Bush Ballads- one of our best Songwriters- Norma O'Hara Murphy- this Festival is held on Norma's property- which is also a refuge for Wildlife-Koala-Wallaby & a dazzling array of Native Parrots-King Parrots- Kookaburras-Cockatoos-Magpies-Galahs- lots of little birds -and much more! This wonderful DVD only $30.(including postage)  makes a great gift for someone special !


Price: 30.00 AUD
Just like you are there! nearly two hours of great