Our first Heritage event as a kick off to our (Old Warwick Town) project. We are planning on recreating Palmerin Street in 1800s- early 1900s -over 100 years again . So to kick it all off we invite you all to join us for the weekend of-26-27-28 April. It is a beautiful time of year here in Southern Downs- and Visitors flock here to enjoy the Heritage week- with several destinations. Our weekend will include two working displays- hosted by two (local Legends) a Blacksmith & a Teamster/Drover. Our Blacksmith Shop will be doing two complete working displays daily- over the whole weekend! And a Drovers Camp-complete with Pack Horses- Billy Tea & Damper- There will be Buggy rides- Wagons-Heavy Horse demonstrations- display of antique axes/broad axes - Bush Poetry- Bush Bands- and much more.  Stay tuned -to my Facebook page- normaoharamurphy. for updates- or book online here- at our  Trading Post. contact - 07-46674 604 - or -  0490 415 699.