•  2/05/2023 05:20 PM

Apologies for my absence-great to be back- and back on the new Web Site- so click on our link- tune in- Bony Mountain Radio is now back online- bringing you 24/7 Country music (mostly Australian) . Featuring latest releases- from our Bony Mountain Festival favorites! plus many Aussie classics- & American classics! Norma will be back (live) every Monday- from 9AM- with her own special mix of Country/Celtic/Bluegrass show. During the next few months- we are hoping to get Interviews with our Artists- check our Artists page on the Web Site-and a big hello-to all our International listeners- we have supporters in Ireland- Canada-USA, Netherlands, Germany, New Zealand, and much more! and of course from all over Australia! we invite you to leave messages, here-say gooday, requests etc . And of course previews of Bony Mountain Festival.

Spreading the word

  •  12/04/2023 03:57 PM

Norma with Matilda-Clydesdale filly- Norma has purchased two Kosciusko Brumby mares- have written a special song ! to be released at Festival. ANZAC day reminds us of the huge sacrifice our Brumbies-made-thousands sailed away-never to return. We owe them a huge debt! but Victorian Government ignores all the history. They have set out to exterminate the horses! ignorant & inhumane? The removal of the horses will ensure that bushfires will return -to decimate the area once again.

Highlights from past years

  •  15/04/2020 12:00 AM

Our 13th Festival this year, what a milestone! cannot believe we are still here! Only because of all of you wonderful troupers/travelers without your support! we could not be. Looking back on our first Festival in 2011-Terry Gordon was our MC- it was amazing to see it all come together!

Updates & news for you

  •  4/03/2020 12:00 AM

OPEN SEASON - An exciting young group from Brisbane- who light up any stage with their energy and passion . A mix of Bluegrass/Country and real down to earth music ! All artists will have product for sale! at HQ

The battle for the Brumbies

  •  15/01/2020 12:00 AM

Our magnificent Snowy Mountain Brumbies- are disappearing fast! Over the years many crack TBs were turned out to improve the breed. But also Timor Ponies, heavy Horses-overall they have evolved into a unique breed- hardy, strong, intelligent- I own two Kosioscko mares. rescued from (the bullets) Dolly & Brandy-you can meet them both in September!


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